"I knew I just had to get out of the house"

Angie Mills

I moved to California four years ago 3 months pregnant with my first son. It was so hard to leave the only home and family I had even known to literally pack up and move to the opposite side of the country. I had a new "home", a new baby on the way, a new job, and a new life. As fun as California is, it still didn't feel like home. After our son was born, my husband came home and asked me "Have you even left the house today", as many new moms answer, I said "no". Then he asked the dreaded question " Have you even showered today?". Again, my answer was a sad "No". He said, "That's it, let's get ready, I'm taking you out to dinner and we're finding you a mommy and me group". I was hesitant to try to venture out and make new friends, but I knew I JUST HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! That's where Keira came in. I googled mommy and me classes, and Fit4Mom/Stroller Strides came up, so I picked up the phone and called. Keira INSTANTLY made me feel like I had a friend and I wasn't the only new mom that was having the same isolated feeling I was having. Her classes were amazing and she always made me feel like I was doing amazing even though I started what felt like the bottom post C-section. Keira and her staff were such mommy mentors to me and motivated me to become my best self for my children, I maybe ran 2 miles at one time prior to being a mom. Thanks to Stroller Strides and the strength I gained and the resources I had access to, I was able to not only finish my first half marathon, but I went onto run AND FINISH my first full marathon! The friendships I have gained are unmeasurable, and the fact I get to get out of the house, get a great workout, take my children with me, AND have activities and built in play dates everyday is A LIFE SAVER!

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