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For some women pregnancy is an amazing radiant time filled with expectation and hope.

But for others it is quite a different experience in which their bodies are no longer familiar to them. These women may experience 40 uncomfortable weeks of continual adaptation as they literally labor and struggle through the ever changing demands of an all consuming baby who takes over the woman’s body and body functions!

It is well known...


What the heck is Diastasis Recti? Is this even something we need to know about? It sounds like something we learned in High School that they told us we would use someday as adults....and then never used. But actually, it's surprisingly common to find in women who have been pregnant. Also surprisingly, not a lot of women know about it, but SHOULD know about it and how to treat it.

Here at Fit4Mom we give you the best fitness classes...

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Meet the Newest Editions to Our Team

We're ready for the Soft Opening! We've added some pretty great instructors to our team. If you've been...

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Did you hear? We are OPENING!

Wednesday, January 20th at 9:30am

Aliso Viejo Community Park

All classes will be physically distanced,

Outdoors - 6 feet apart, and NO shared equipment.

After many, many months of missing our favorite community and favorite workout, it's finally back!

Grab your stroller, strap in your kids, pull out those rusty yoga pants (who are we kidding,...

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We are very fortunate to be able to welcome Lauren back to the team! She is graciously offering her time to help make the transition of Fit4Mom South OC ownership as seamless as possible - and though she's pretty busy these days, you just might be lucky enough to catch her subbing a class here and there.

Mamas love her classes!

Lauren is mama to Declan, who is 7 years...


Meet Our Manager- Leanne Cook

We are building an amazing team of mamas, beginning with our manager!

"This girl is on Fi--rrrre! This girl is on fire...r.r.r.r....r.r!"

As Chandler would say, "Could she BE more enthusiastic?" I don't think so! Leanne LOVES Fit4Mom.

Her best friend is her husband, Justin, and she has two crazy-wonderful kiddos, Lucy and Jude. She was a StrollerStrides Mama for...


Meet the New Owner- Caralee MacRobie

I have missed our village!

We were all sad to hear of the closing of Fit4Mom South OC and didn't want to believe it was true. Tears were definitely shed!

Times are hard enough as it is without the loss of our village and much needed fitness support, especially in times when our physical and mental health are so important.

Fit4Mom was our place!

When I...

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We miss you so much!

Do you have the CoronaBlues? Are you dying without your Mama Village? Has your only exercise been to and from the refrigerator since March?

We hear you Mama!

It's TIME to come back to your village!

Fit4Mom South OC is under NEW OWNERSHIP and will be back up and...