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BabyQuip Cleaning

Baby gear cleaning service that fights grime!

On-demand, exceptional cleaning services for baby gear including car seats, strollers, high chairs and more.


Clean is their thing!

Let them do the dirty work to get nasty stains, germs and bacteria out of your baby items. Their baby gear cleaning service will have your baby gear sparkling clean and sanitized faster than a speeding buggy!

  • Quick and Convenient Service
  • Baby Gear Cleaning Experts
  • Safe and Natural Products

Expertly trained to fight nasty stains.

Cleaners are trained to follow the 3 P’s of BabyQuip Cleaning including using the right Products (always natural, non-toxic, baby-safe and parent-approved), following a thorough Process (cleaning top to bottom, 360 degrees and in each nook and cranny) and maintaining Proficiency(maintain a deep understanding of baby gear and baby gear cleaning).

Get $10 off 3 items -OR- $20 off 4 items or more (excludes add ons).